electricPlaying 08.2021 Edition

Games I am currently playing and I haven't spent a dime on except where noted.


Clash Royale

Card based RTS - great for quick matches < $5 a season for Pass Royale - well worth it if you're trying to quickly level up your deck, but it's not a pay-to-win scheme

Word Chums

Like Scrabble but not Scrabble

After playing this game for years, I finally bought it to free my eyes of the ads

Monopoly Slots

Time killer slots (Monopoly money of course)

Adventure Capitalist

Super slick idle tapping game



Absolutely love love love love Fortnite!

Games I want to spend time on but cannot seem to garner enough time...

Outer Worlds

Started playing but haven't had a chunk of time to commit to it.

Minecraft (a few worlds)

Built a few worlds including a giant pyramid with one of my sons. It's a lot of fun, if not cathartic, but can get repetitive over time.

Fallout 76 (haven't started)

Played Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and enjoyed both. Keeping this one on the back burner.

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